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Handmade – Tradition ‘’αξία’’

The character & the quality of the handmade ’’αξία‘’ (axia) products are the result of the human touch, wonderful unique flavors & the know-how of our people. Except the elegant black & gold packaging, the ‘’αξία’’ products are excellent for the attention to the detail of our expertise team, the carefully selected ingredients from Greece, the variety of the recipes & the unique & homemade production methods.


You will recognize the’’αξια’’ (axia) products not only from the finesse and the balance of our products but also from our special ingredients as well as the incredible combination with other ingredients. The high level of quality and taste is a result of special ingredients such as tomato, onion, masticha chiou, apple etc located and cultivate in the heart of Greece.


Our expertise team is always trying to minimize the environmental impact in the agricultural raw materials by sourcing the sustainability for our products. The method of the production line for the ‘’αξια’’ products is prescribed, following a specific system of regulations, in order to deliver the finest product in every category.

Our Products

  • Fleur De Sel Finishing Salts

    Fleur De Sel Finishing Salts (13)

  • Gourmet Chutneys

    Gourmet Chutneys (6)

  • Infused Olive Oils

    Infused Olive Oils (6)

  • Dressing salad

    Dressing salad (1)

  • Pasteli

    Pasteli (1)

  • Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil

    Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil (1)

About Our Products


Chutney is a condiment sweet, spicy, tangy flavor and works well with many more wonderful ways with your food. We produce a diverse range of...


Fleur de Sel is nature at its most exuberant, packed with the depths and mysteries of the sea, and broods in the mind’s eye with a rich cultural...

Infused Extra Olive Oil

“αξία” Our Infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil is top quality of extra virgin olive oil with excellent fresh organic aromatic herbs and fruits. Τhe...

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Extra virgin olive oil is the Treasure of Greek land. Superior category olive oil obtained directly from olives and solely by mechanical means...

Salad Dressing

A delicious and sweet blend of extra virgin olive oil, golden honey, mustard, balsamic vinegar and juice of lemon. Our Honey dressing salad is a...

Super Foods

These sesame bars known as pasteli in Greek are the original power bars. They actually go back to antiquity, the ancient Greeks had a similar...

Health Benefits


Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Olive oil The health benefits of olive oil are unrivaled, and research reveals more benefits nearly every day. In fact, we are only just beginning...


Chios Mastic

Chios Mastic Mastic, the Greek’s nature gift for the general health Mastic is a unique natural health and wellness ingredient originally Greek and...


Fleur de Sel

Fleur de Sel from the Marches of Mesologgi  (“Flower of salt”) is collected on the surface of shallow salt water marshes and is...



These sesame bars known as pasteli in Greek are the original power bars. They actually go back to antiquity, the ancient Greeks had a similar...


Herbs (rosemary, oregano, garlic)

Healthy Herbs nutrition facts Healthy herbs have long been held a holistic place in our wellbeing. Prized since ancient times, and today, depend...


Spices (cinnamon, pimpinella anisum, chilli pepper)

Healthy spices nutrition facts Spice up your taste buds and build immune system with healthy spices in your diet! Spices not only just excite your...

Our Recipes

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